Friday, March 25, 2005

Casting Update

Actually, there isn't any update...I just wanted to post something today.

We had an audition tentatively proposed for last Wednesday, but we had a scheduling conflict (coupled with a late-season snowstorm...AGAIN!) that meant we had to cancel.

Today being a Wall Street holiday (my job is related to investment firms) I have the day off. So I'm going to spend all day emailing actors to try to set up a casting session for Tuesday evening at the studio. Plus, I'm continuing to assemble a shot list and story board.

Looking at the calendar, it appears that we may be able to shoot on Saturday April 2nd or 9th...if necessary, the 16th or 23rd. Beyond that, my schedule will get busy and it'll be much more difficult for me to take a full weekend day off; but if I have to, I'll work it out. I'm going to shoot for the 9th or 16th; that'll give us enough time to get everything lined up and adequate time to cast actors and to rehearse them.

Time to shift this thing into gear!


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