Friday, January 27, 2006

"Coming to a computer near you!"


A discussion yesterday with John Ecay (Sound View technical director) led to some potentially great news. They're in the process of installing a video storage, archival, and streaming video server with MPEG-4 compression. That means in the near future it'll be possible to get on-demand streaming video of ALL of Sound View's programming.

This may include "Table For Two", "Grandma's Kitchen", "Air Line Rail Trail", and anything else I come up with for broadcast. Coupled with my in-progress website, I'll be able to post links that will stream my shows to your computer.

How cool is that?

There's no firm date for when it'll be fully implemented, but I'd imagine in the next several weeks/months. As soon as I can get my shows up on the server, I'll post links.


Gaz said...

MPEG-4 isnt that a quicktime only format?

CT Bob said...

Not at all; it's a very common type of video compression that can be displayed on many video players. It has good quality for file size, and lends itself quite well for streaming video.

I'll find out more when we get the system up and running. But I'm sure it'll be a usable format for just about everyone on the 'net.

Cherry Moon said...


I like your new profile pic, too. LOVE THE HAT!!!

Gaz said...


CT Bob said...

Anytime I'm on the boat, I wear the hat. Gotta keep the sun outta my eyes! :)

Michael said...

That is exciting news! Keep me posted. I just sent you two DVD's.

Check out my blog and see the American Idol pics- they are funny as shit!

Thanks Bob!