Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Who's your daddy?"

/gloating mode ON

Wanna know who your daddy is? Huh? Do ya?

Do you want to know who won the NCAA Men's basketball pool, without correctly picking even a single Final Four team?

ME!!! That's who!

Yes sirree! I managed to win Joyce's boss's little Knights of Columbus bar pool by picking a shitload of teams to win the first two rounds, and then having the good fortune of none of the Number One seeds getting into the Championship semi's and finals. Which means it didn't matter who I picked, 'cause NOBODY picked the eventual winners.

Somehow, my absolute uncanny brilliance at selecting obscure teams to upset favorites got me enough points in the first couple rounds to allow me to coast in and win! It sure helped that UConn, Duke, Villanova and Memphis all sucked ass in the Elite Eight round! Thanks, suckers!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! In your FACES KofC mofo's! I gots ALL yo' money now, chumps! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! I'm your DADDY, beeyotches!

Yes Losers, I WIN! You LOSE!
You get NOTHING!!!
Good day, sir!!!

/gloating mode OFF

(...uh, what the hell is wrong with me? Sorry about that little outburst. Who'da thunk Florida would win it all? Damn)


Gaz said...

You dont want it to go to your heaed?

CT Bob said...

I'm sorry, did you type something? I'm having trouble seeing the screen because of all the MONEY I WON is piled up in front of it!

No worries; I'll just buy a much bigger monitor with all the MONEY I WON!


ByronB said...

Ha! Ha! Bravo! I love a well-planned strategy carried out with cunning and precision. Now you can afford some more bits for your boat.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude share the wealth!!

CT Bob said...

Ant, is that you? I still can't see the screen very well because of all that pesky cash piled up in front of it. Let me spend it, and then I'll be able to reply to your question.

It might take a while, becaue I've got SO MUCH OF IT!