Thursday, January 06, 2005

The kid is on a roll!

Once upon a time there was a fledgling filmmaker named Bob. He had just built a wonderful contraption that's all the rage among no-budget filmmakers.

Not content with his brand-spankin' new $14 Steadycam, Bob tackles another project...the "$25 Tripod Dolly"!

Yes, bored out of his mind because there was nothing to do today, and suffering a severe case of cabin fever on this freezing-rainy/snowy day, Bob ventured out.

He takes a trip to the library, where he finds several useful books about filmmaking. As he peruses one of them, he spies a photo of a tripod dolly. He exclaims, "Why yes, that's it! I'll do something useful today, and cure my boredom!"

Frantically he scribbles a drawing on a piece of scrap paper, then hurries to his waiting car. Pausing to comb his unruly hair, he opens the car door and hops in. Wheeling out of the parking lot into traffic Bob grips the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. He negotiates the nearly empty streets and roars into the Home Depot parking lot. He skids neatly into an open space, then leaps from the vehicle with a look of steely determination plastered upon his visage.

Several minutes later he returns to his car, laden with two 6' boards, three 3" castors, and an assortment of nuts, bolts and washers.

Arriving home, he disappears into his basement. Fearful sounds of power tools, hammering, and unintelligible screaming eminate from the house. People walking by stop and look at the house, wondering if they should call the police.

Suddenly, all is quiet! Bob emerges from the basement, his fingers wrapped in bandages, wearing an eye patch, and with half his hair singed, but he is smiling. He smiles because in his hands he is carrying a work of art, an engineering masterpiece, and a thing of beauty. He sets the dolly carefully down, and gives it a light push.

The dolly rolls effortlessly across the kitchen floor, its rubber castors not making a sound, and it glides softly to a halt. Bob smiles to himself, and he knows that it is a good dolly. He picked up the phone, and reserved the camera for a test shoot in several days. Soon, he'll be happy to find out that his dolly will exceed all his expectations, and perform better than professional dollies that cost hundreds of dollars more.

That's the story of how Bob cured his boredom, and created a tripod dolly.

The End. (sorry, no pictures of it yet)

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