Thursday, December 08, 2005

How to have fun in a mansion


1) Buy a ticket to tour the Newport mansions.

2) Disregard the dire warnings forbidding any photography.

3) Sneak video of the various rooms, and manage to get away with it (for a while).

4) Click off a still digital picture while forgetting that the camera is set for auto-flash, thereby illuminating the entire wing with a 30-millisecond burst of brilliant white brightness.

5) Nearly drop the camera from the balcony when the PA system clicks on and a very loud (and extremely pissed-off voice) booms, "There is NO photography allowed anywhere in the mansion!" For good effect, it's repeated three more times. Loudly.

6) Flee like frightened schoolgirls while the voice is still echoing throughout the mansion.

7) Repeat at next mansion.

Trust's fun.

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