Friday, June 16, 2006

Let's Rock the Boat here in Connecticut!

Sorry to go off-topic today. This is a short personal message. Please read it and let me know what you think. Thanks!

I don't know how you feel about this situation, but I think there is a growing problem in our country. George Bush's presidency is becoming more and more unilateral in it's actions, either ignoring or bypassing the checks and balances of the Constitution. The Republican majority dominated House and Senate, along with an increasingly conservative Supreme Court, make it easy for the Bush/Cheney administration to do anything they want.

What is even worse is that so-called moderate Democrats are siding with Bush on many important decisions, like the war in Iraq and appointing right-wing Supreme Court justices. Joseph Lieberman is one of these enablers.

For many years, Joe Lieberman was a true Democrat, who believed in the principles of our government and the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution. But something happened to the man over the last three terms, and he's become an active participant in the erosion of our rights and the good standing of our government. His endless support of Bush's war is just plain wrong, and 2,500 brave American military personnel have paid the ultimate price for what is increasingly becoming an unwinnable and immoral war.

I don't want this country to go from one extreme to the other, not by any means. I'd like to see our nation make reasonable decisions regarding our security and our economy. But it's important to realize that by supporting Bush and his deliberate misuse of the public trust, Joe Lieberman is complicit.

There is an alternative. His name is Ned Lamont.

Ned Lamont has watched the decay of our great nation's standing because of Bush/Cheney, and he decided that it was time to do something about it. Lamont has selflessly volunteered to challenge Joe Lieberman, and help get the nation back on a middle course. On August 8th, Connecticut registered Democrats will go to the polls and choose our next Senate candidate. And whoever wins, he will easily defeat the Republican challenger in November.

But Ned Lamont can't do this alone; he needs our help. Here's what you can do:

* Be sure you are a registered Democrat, and vote on August 8th.
* Please donate by clicking the sailboat graphic to the right of the page.
* Go to for more information.
* Volunteer at the website to help the campaign.
* Feel free to contact me to discuss the issues.
* Visit my political blog "Connecticut Bob" to see the latest news.

We can win this. We can turn our nation around and begin to fulfill the intentions of our founding fathers. We can ALL make America something to be proud of once again.


ByronB said...

It's certainly time for a change of leadership - sadly, I think the essential trust has disappeared. However, I would be unhappy (if I were an American) if I thought that Ned Lamont would support the immediate withdrawal of American troops, however wrong and misguided the original invasion was. To withdraw now, before a democracy that can stand on its own feet has been established would in my opinion betray all those US servicemen who have served their nation loyally. Just replacing a Bush yes-man, though laudible in itself, is not enough.

CT Bob said...

Regarding Iraq, Ned Lamont's stance is to give the Iraqi gov't a deadline for self-determination, then pull back the troops to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. That way, the Iraqis will be motivated to quit bickering and become a democracy, and our soldiers won't be getting blown up by IEDs every single day. And the USA won't be spending $250 Million every single day on a "war" that will never end.

It astounds me that absolutely no lessons were learned from Viet Nam.

Gaz said...

Wow...for a moment their....i ...thought....this ...was Bob...from ....Milford's.....future Dv Blog?

CT Bob said...

I know, I feel like a negligent parent; I don't post anything for ages, and then I go and vomit up a political advert that has nothing to do with filmmaking. I really am a bad bad bad awful blogger.

Besides politics, it's finally sailing season, and my Full Tilt blog is taking off, sorta. Plus, my wife demands my attention from time to time; you know how needy women can be (and she'll kill me if she reads this).

I just don't have a lot of time now for this blog.

Yes, I'm a terrible, bad, awful blogger. Go ahead and report me to the blogthorities for neglect. It's the right thing to do.

The upside to all this campaign stuff is that I'm learning a helluva lot about video, and after November's election, I'll be ready to do some awesome projects (if I haven't committed suicide over an unfortunate election result, that is).

To top all this off, I'm on vacation next week, and I'll be sailing for distant, exotic ports-of-call.

...or at least someplace where we can buy beer, rum, and ice.

Gaz said...

Now i feal guilty for reporting you to the blog police....downer..or what?