Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ricky's mom is a busy body

Poor Ricky was traumatized.

He could never get over his embarrassment.

He soon lost interest in sports. His grades started slipping at school. Ricky's friends noticed a change in him and started avoiding him.

The shame gnawed at Ricky during his every waking moment.

Ricky's parents sensed a deep sadness in him, but it was the 70's and parents weren't as knowledgeable about the warning signs of depression as they are today.

Plus, Ricky's mom was usually hopped up on Valium when she wasn't hitting the bottle. And Ricky's dad often worked late at the office, although Ricky's mom suspected he was having an affair with his secretary, a sexy young thing named Jennifer. Jennifer always wore short skirts to work, even though it was the middle of winter.

So Ricky never got the attention he needed.

Months later, Ricky took his dad's shotgun and slaughtered his entire family, before turning the weapon upon himself.

All of Ricky's friends and relatives were shocked and appalled at what happened. Ricky didn't leave a note or confide in his friends about what he was going to do.

The tragedy left a hole in the community that still hasn't healed completely, even though it happened way back in the 70's.

But there IS a lesson that can be learned from this horrific event:

Next time, knock bitch!


Anonymous said...

He-He,i was almost caught like that when i was a kid but my ma didnt get on to it,instead she thought i had a fever and let me stay off school lol.

CT Bob said...

If my mom thought that I was sick every time I did it and kept me home, I'd have never graduated high school!

Gaz said...

do you rekon thats why i ended up being a taxi driver lol.