Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fargo: Yeah!

How friggin' AWESOME is the movie "Fargo" (1996)? I just watched it again for the probably twentieth time, and every single time I enjoy it!

I saw a webcomic a few weeks back where the artist said she'd just watched Fargo for the very first time. And I was jealous of her, to be able to see the film with brand new eyes! She even made a comic based on the movie (with a tie-in to Charlie Sheen, which is wicked funny!)

The Coen Brothers are already well entrenched in American movie history, even though they're far from done with their careers. And how friggin' great were Frances McDormand and William H. Macy in this flick? Steve Buscemi was terrific, too.

So yeah, watch this clip, and see how many times they say "yeah" in this movie!

Yeah, you betcha!

"Hon, prowler needs a jump."

"Oh yeah?"


Fifteen years later, this movie still holds up!

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