Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Perfect Excuse

Lately (as you can read about below) I've been feeling guilty about neglecting my post-production duties in lieu of having fun this summer. I know I should be busy in the editing room working on my video short, but I'd rather enjoy this wonderful weather.

So I started thinking about possible excuses I could give to people who ask me how things are going with the project. Suddenly, the answer dawned on me, courtesy of our Commander-in-Chief, G.W. Bush.

Joyce: When are you going to finish that movie?
Me: Mission Accomplished!
Joyce: You mean it's done?
Me: Didn't you hear me? Mission Accomplished!
Joyce: So when can I see it?
Me: SEE it? It's not READY yet! What part of Mission GODDAMNED Accomplished DIDN'T you understand?
Joyce: (stunned silence)

HOLY SHIT! G.W. used that phrase to perfection! I can put everyone off simply by saying "Mission Accomplished" over and over, while not actually getting ANYTHING done! It's fucking BRILLIANT!

Wow, I only WISH G.W. could run again, 'cause I'd vote for him this time for SURE! He's given me the perfect excuse for not completing ANYTHING ever again. I fucking LOVE "Mission Accomplished"!

Thanks, George. I don't know what I'd do without you.

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Cherry Moon said...


Hey, you're on to something there, dude.

Manny: Is dinner ready yet?
Kids: Did you wash my jeans?
Boss: Article ready?
Sex Talk w/hubby: Did you... uh...
Me: What part of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED do you NOT understand!?