Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lamont won!

Thanks. Now it's time to start thinking about November.


ByronB said...

Yeah, but Liebermans going private, isn't he? That could split the vote!

CT Bob said...

I think Lieberman is going to be pressured heavily to quit before November.

First of all, every Democrat who backed him before will now support Lamont. Then, all the fundraising will be 100 times harder, because most of the contributors to his campaign before were Democrats. Most Dems see this as a huge betrayal.

He'll try to make a go of it, because his ego won't allow him to quit. But eventually, his family and friends will pressure him, along with all the major Democrats, and he'll quit.

And if not...well, we'll just have to kick his arse again in 3 months time!