Monday, August 14, 2006

What I do when I'm NOT blogging

After an exhausting blogging campaign for Ned Lamont, Joyce & I took the following weekend off for a sailing getaway.

I wanted to put together a little video about it, and even though I put it together in under an hour, I think doesn't look too bad.

Here's the results:


ByronB said...

That's not a good film, that's a GREAT film!!! Love the music!

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Bryon.

I wish I could take credit for the music. The music is actually the one thing that I didn't have anything to do with; it's included with my Pinnacle video software, called "Smart Sounds". It automatically creates a song that's perfectly timed for whatever length movie you create.

There's optional SS music packages available, but they cost $49 each, so I think you'll be hearing a LOT of salsa music on my videos! LOL

Gaz said...

Wow,i do more in the American way,get pissed and watch a movie?cant be bad!

CT Bob said...

That's appropriate...I get pissed and make movies! LOL