Friday, January 12, 2007

BBC showing of "Blog Wars"

For all my friends across the pond:

Blog Wars on BBC 4
17 January 2007 - BBC4 - 10.30pm

2006 was the year that blogs bookmarked their place on the political scene. Brook Lapping Productions’ ‘Blog War’ team was there to see it happen.

Blogs are dismissed and heralded in equal measure. Some call them a platform for unpublishable nerds and obsessives. Others say they have renewed American democracy.

Conservative blogs came from nowhere in 2004 to help tilt the Presidential election in favour of George Bush. In 2006 liberal bloggers hit back, landing punches across the country as Bush ‘took a thumping’.

The ‘Blog Wars’ team interviewed the biggest players in the blogosphere and gained intimate access to the hottest primary of the year, where a blog-driven campaign in Connecticut tried to force 18-year incumbent and Washington heavyweight Joe Lieberman off the Democratic ticket.

Executive Producer: Phil Craig
Producer/ Director: James Rogan
Editor: Brett Irwin
Assistant Producer: Will Dixon

17 January 2007


Gaz said...

Bob i had to go to work so i've recorded it,saw bits in our office,it was repeated at about 1 am,let ye know when ive watched it proper,i saw spazeboys dyed black hair,whats going on their?

CT Bob said...

Hope you like it.

Spazeboy was under the spell of his girl, who thought she wanted a boy with black hair; she finally thought better of it, and he's back to his normal shade of ghostly white.

And now they're getting married!

Ah, the folly of youth...

Gaz said...

Watched that Bob,it was good,not the type of prog i'd usally watch,thought you were bang out of order swearing on our bbc,by the way has anyone mentioned that spazeboy looks like prince harry?

CT Bob said...

If I'd known the BBC was going to use it, I would have said "bloody buggering bastard!" instead. I know they love that kind of language.

Hey, I just watched the first season of "Extras", it's great! I liked "The Office", and think Ricky Gervais is frickin' hysterical.