Monday, February 14, 2005

Frostbiting! And more stuff...

Sunday I took the Panasonic and went down to the harbor (or "harbour", depending on what brand of English you read) to shoot my friends having all sorts of fun racing against each other in their little sailing dinghies. Each week from November through early March, Milford Yacht Club hosts the "Frostbiters' races". They're a hardy bunch who enjoy sailing so much that they don't let sub-freezing temps and occasional ice blocks stop them! I shot about 15 minutes of them rounding the bouys before I started freezing my ass off in the 10-15 knot wind, then I booked on out of there.

When I got home I fired up Pinnacle. I transferred all the footage to the PC, and now I'm going to edit a two or three minute music video out of it. I'm thinking of using "Eye of the Tiger", just because it has those great guitar chords in it; I'll make some quick action cuts to match them.

Other than that, Anthony stopped by and discussed our project. We're getting closer to the shoot, and if I have to, I'll act in the thing just to get it done.

And I really don't want to act. It's just not something I aspire to...I wish I did, because I'm sure I'd be a world-class ham!

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