Thursday, September 29, 2005

A "Death Knocks" alumnus makes a splash!

Tonight I was snooping around the internet for vintage porn and old friends, and found out that one of our favorite actors (and amateur stuntman) Michael Buckley has a talk show on Wallingford (CT) public access cable.

Michael shares the spotlight with Kristin Baltramaitis. They appear live Mondays at 7PM on whatever the cable system is up there in Wallingford. I don't know what it is, 'cause I have Cablevision, and they don't...whatever.

Check out their blog at Table For Two. It looks great! Maybe I'll have to drop in and watch the show live.


Chad said...

Hello friend. If you do drop in to watch Michael's show live, please let me know. He's a great guy, and I'd love to see it and support him.


CT Bob said...

Sure thing, I'll keep you posted.

Michael said...

Hey Bob! I am still checking up on you so I am glad you are still checking up on me! HA! The show is really fun- and inappropriate like me!
We are on in Wallingford but we are also gonna be on in Meriden, Southington, Cheshire and North Haven soon so that is cool!

Hope all is well! You guys can come down to a taping anytime! Hey Chad! Thanks for the comment!! You are a great guy too!

Bob- Tell Anthony I said hi!!!

CT Bob said...

Thanks! Yeah, we'll try to visit sometime soon. If you're interested in the show appearing in the Bridgeport area, I might be able to sponsor it for you. All I need is a DVD copy of each show, and I can put it in for broadcast.

I'll be in touch and we'll discuss it.

Michael said...

oh i am totally interested! Thanks!