Sunday, April 23, 2006

The screenplay is coming along nicely...

I've been working on my "Mallrats/Porky's/insert-teen-movie-here" screenplay this weekend, and it's been a lot of fun.

Scene from "Mallrats"

I wrote my favorite scene already, and sketched out a bunch more. I'm sure I'll make changes here and there during the rewrites, but for now I'm enjoying visualizing the scenes I write.

Plus, today I did some taping for a Robert Greenwald-produced 30-minute campaign DVD for Ned Lamont. Tomorrow I'll have more details on my Connecticut Bob political blog. Without even knowing it when I volunteered to tape an interview, apparently just by showing up and turning the camera on I'm now a contractor to him, and some of my stuff might appear on this legend's video. Holy shit, will THAT look cool on my resume!

I wonder if I can get an industry union card for this?


spazeboy said...

Congrats on the Greenwald gig!

I'm not sure which is cooler though, a script inspired by Mallrats, or working for Robert Greenwald. I'm impresed by both!

CT Bob said...

Thanks Spazeboy, I sent you an email today before I saw your comment here. Check out the my blog "Connecticut Bob"

I don't know if I'd call it an actual Greenwald gig, though, but maybe...

And writing a screenplay like that is fairly easy when you have a huge untapped reserve of immaturity!

Cherry Moon said...

Wow, Bob! You've been BIZZZZZZY! Any room to breathe?

*lol* @ the "huge untapped reserve of immaturity" remark. That would be... ME!

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