Saturday, November 06, 2004

Video Production Course

About two weeks ago I completed the Video Production training at a cable access TV studio in Bridgeport CT called Soundview Community Television. Like many cable TV systems, Cablevision in Connecticut is mandated to spend a certain amount of it's revenues on providing free training and facilities for public access.

So I checked into it and signed up for the course. They use Panasonic GS70 3-CCD cameras and Casablanca editing stations. The four week course stressed video editing, with only one night given to camera instruction and techniques. For the final exam, we were given a 50 question test and tasked with making a 30-45 second public service announcement (PSA) for future broadcast on cable access (channel 77 in the Bridgeport area).

I chose to make my PSA about voting, and it took me a couple of weeks to shoot it, edit it, and add music. It came out OK, but more importantly I learned many things about editing during the process that will help in future projects. The only drawback is that by the time I finished my PSA, it was only a few days before the election which was too late to put it in the schedule for broadcast. Oh well, I think I'd prefer a more polished work to be broadcast anyway.

Sometime next week I should get my certification from the studio, which gives me access to their editing systems and use of the camera. Then I can start on some projects I've been planned. Details to come.

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