Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Yeesh, it's too early to be this cold!

Tonight I went to a meeting at the library. Damn, but it's cold out tonight! Just hit 27 degrees and falling...I only wore a fleece sweatshirt, and the cold got right through it. Of course, maybe if I didn't walk two blocks from the meeting to the 7-Seas bar for a quick pint 'o stout, I wouldn't have gotten so cold. Walking back, it didn't seem as cold.

Everything's relative, I guess.

Of course, I was a moron at the meeting and volunteered to help a cause that has almost nothing to do with me. I just hate it when people are agressively stupid, so I couldn't keep quiet. Maybe I can make a documentary about it; local politics are boring though...probably I'll just do the minimum I need to do to help, and get back to working on a real project.

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