Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Present and Future(DV)

I slept like the proverbial log last night...hell, like a literal log for that matter; I've got the splinters to prove it!

The splinters actually came from all the wood I piled on the curb this morning for the bi-monthly "dump pickup" we have here in Milford. Every eight weeks during the warm months our neighborhood is littered with junk heaped in front of each house for a few days before each pickup. Joyce suffers from "Junk Envy"; if a neighbor has a bigger pile than us, she feels like we aren't doing our job and throwing out enough stuff. So this morning, energized from a solid night's sleep, I got motivated and cleaned out a pile of junk lumber that's been sitting beside our shed for several years. When she gets home from work tonight she's sure to be impressed.

(I know Joyce reads this blog, so I just want to say, "Ha-ha honey! Luv ya!")

The Present

I spoke to Ant this morning...he suddenly remembered that he gave Michael a $20 bill for a prop and forgot to retrieve it when we wrapped for the night. Now THAT'S funny!

We talked about the shoot and what we need to do to finish. We'll review the footage later this week and assemble a list of shots we still need to get. Since we're not going to shoot for a couple of weeks, continuity issues are coming into play. Michael's scheduled for a haircut before then, but he's not going to do anything bizarre (I hope...no BUZZCUT!) I'm sure it won't be a problem.

I enjoy directing and intend to continue doing so, but if I lived in Hollywood and worked in the movie business, I think I'd end up being a Line Producer. I'm hyper-aware of the logistics and scheduling, I like the challenge of getting things done, and I'm imposing enough to cajole, threaten, or physically beat our crew and actors into submission as needed to stay on time. Not that I'd need to do that on THIS movie, but it's always good to keep your options open (hint, hint).

The Future?

For the next shoot we've got to arrange more time at the studio somehow. I'm going to have to talk to the staff and see if we can get someone to be on our side and agree to keep it open beyond their normal cutoff time...I'd like to be able to wrap studio shooting this next time. We'll see...

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Jane Hamsher said...

Yes I think you might be tempermentally predisposed to be a line producer for all the reasons you outline Bob, in addition to the fact that you seem to be able to remain remarkably composed throughout (anyone who has it together enough to come home and blog and has not lost the power of speech in the 2nd day has it going on).