Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It never ends

Okay, I give up. Winter has officially won. I concede the election. I'll sign on the line. Whatever it takes, I'll do it.

Now will you kindly stop dumping snow on me?

Pretty Please?

This is my driveway ten minutes ago from my hallway window

Tonight I was supposed to meet Anthony at the studio, to put together a shot list/storyboard and discuss casting. But of course, the PLANET has OTHER ideas. Like another blizzard.

Because, we haven't had enough goddamned snow this year. So, fine. Whatever.

This is it.

No more complaining!

I promise.

(...you bastards...)


Cherry Moon said...

This is Cherry Moon reporting from beautiful, sunny Arizona where the weather is absolutely BREATH TAKING!

Forecast for this week? Nice and sunny! Next week? Low to mid 80's with ZERO chance of precipitation.

Proceed to make fun of those not living in this state. :)

CT Bob said...

Sure it's warm now, but you just wait until July, when it'll be 100 degrees in Arizona, and only 98 here! THEN we'll see who has the last laugh!

(That's me practicing)

Jane Hamsher said...

Jeez, Bob, if everyone stopped complaining the entire blogosphere would disappear in a puff of smoke. I myself would be at a complete loss for words I think.

You gotta come up with a better resolution than that. Besides, you're getting ready to make a film, and experience guaranteed to transform your complaining into an art form.

CT Bob said...

Yeah Jane, I agree...it's just that five out of my last ten posts have been me bitching about snow, and it's time to stop.

Don't worry though...you're right about me having plenty of complaint material coming up in the next few weeks as we go into production.

I'm already considering the benefits of strangling my production partner if he doesn't lighten up about his effing script. Jeez, you'd think every word he wrote was carved by divine lightening into tablets and carried down the mountain by Moses or sumthin'! Fine, let HIM deal with the impossible production difficulties he's written into it...that'll learn him!

CT Bob said...

Just a note on the weather situation; rather than bitch in a new post, I'm just gonna say that it's been 12 hours since my previous comment, and we got another 8" of snow. Now I'm going out to shovel and then if I have any spare time when I finish I'm gonna blow up the world.

Sorry folks.

Cherry Moon said...

Ha! You're right... but after the little red juice reaches 110 degrees, you don't even feel the heat anymore.

I love it whenever the kids are swimming in the pool when it's 115 degrees, and they begin to shiver when they get out...

CT Bob said...

I hate you.

Actually, that reminds me of the time me and three of my wacky high school buddies decided to roll up the windows of our non-air conditioned Dodge Dart on the hottest day of the summer and run the heater until somebody gave up and quit; thereby being the "loser".

It was easily 99 degrees, but when we finally piled out of the car 30 minutes later gasping for air, it felt colder than a meat locker!

Yeah, we all scored high on our SATs.