Friday, March 31, 2006

"....and out like a lamb"

March came in like the proverbial lion. Only this was a lion with rabies...and mange...and a bad attitude. Roawrrrr!

This was my driveway earlier this month. Today, I was out in that very same driveway, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, shooting hoops in the 70-degree sunshine. The crocuses (crocii?) and daffodils are coming up, and buds are budding on all the trees.

Speaking of basketball, I'm doing pretty good from the foul line, but I'm still a bit random from 3-point range. Meaning, I'll either completely miss everything or hit nothing but net. But hey, I got all summer to practice!

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I'll have to think of something adequately silly for the blog. Or maybe nothing, depending on my mood.

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