Friday, June 18, 2010

FITP: Day 10

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Today was a field trip for the class to Newtown to meet Buzz Turner of Turner Audio, the leading production sound distributor in Connecticut.

Buzz, a terrific source of technical information who gladly shares his knowledge, lectured and answered questions for nearly two hours about the latest in production sound equipment. After about fifteen minutes I was wishing my credit card had a higher limit! There are some seriously awesome products available to the aspiring sound mixer who possesses a gold card, or who's lucky enough to be employed by a production company that will spring for some of this hot-shit equipment!

I already have a convenient wish list made up, just in case any of my dozen or so blog followers want to do their bestest buddy ol' CT Bob a solid:
The Sound Devices 552 Portable Production Mixer

The Schoeps Shotgun microphone SuperCMIT

An ice cold Schlitz

You can probably guess by that last option what I expect I'll be drinking sometime soon! At least, can you guys possibly spring for a six-pack?

I actually used to drink that stuff back in high school. Hey, don't be so shocked; we all drank at that age in the 1970s. Haven't you seen any teen movies from that era?

Anyway, it was a very interesting and informative field trip, and suddenly all this stuff I've been learning the last two weeks is starting to make sense. Just yesterday I downloaded the spec sheet for my Rode VideoMic that I've been using for three years now, and finally can understand the stuff like the hi-pass filter, the -10 and -20db pad, the frequency range, and shore as shit the polar diagrams! It's like learning French in high school and suddenly getting it!

Tomorrow, a special Saturday class in Aerial Lifts! Good thing I'm not afraid of heights:

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