Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Lucky Louie" on HBO

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything interesting. I think that with this post, the string will safely remain unbroken.

"The Sopranos" just ended it's season with a whimper, not a bang, and "Entourage" is looking more and more like "The O.C." with naughty language (although I immensely enjoy Jeremy Piven's characterization of a sleazy Hollywood agent), so I thought there'd be nothing interesting to watch on HBO for a while.

Then I caught the premiere of "Lucky Louie", the Louis C.K. vehicle that HBO just launched. It's wonderfully crude, raunchy, and foul-mouthed. Just the sort of thing that HBO lives for! Plus, it's got old-time, gritty "Honeymooners"-style sets, and is filmed with a live audience, which gives it a nostalgic, early TV feeling.

Jimmy Norton, as Louie's friend and a pot-dealer, is probably the creepiest looking character that's ever graced a sitcom, but then again, creepiness is part of Norton's charm. He has the off-putting look of a prepubescent serial killer, which makes Louie's character look quite respectable by comparison. And he gets to deliver the best lines (and by "best", I mean "most horribly offensive and hysterical").

I do have some minor complaints, though. The acting is of journeyman quality, and the writing can be punched up a bit, I think, but overall the effect is sort of like watching a bunch of talented amatuers put on their own show, and somehow manage to pull it off successfully!

Sundays on HBO.


ByronB said...

the string will safely remain unbroken.


Got that right, then!

CT Bob said...

Yeah...I stink.

Gaz said...

Sounds good to me,i'll start downloading it and let you know what i think,i take it you's are up to episode 6.

CT Bob said...

Five eps so far. Eps. 4 & 5 are funny, but they're all really rude. Sometimes I like that kind of humor.

Actually, I always like that kind of humor.

Gaz said...

I've watched episode 1,i like it but......a bit hit and miss,i'll stick with it though and see if it grows on me!