Sunday, November 25, 2007

More movies

More movies I've seen recently:

Frida - Selma Hayek's riveting 2002 portait of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Great performances abound, especially Alfred Molina's lofty depiction of famed artist Diego Rivera. And Selma looks great, despite the unibrow.

300 - "SPARTAAAA!" OK, look, it's just silly. A comic book movie. There's nothing new or remotely inspiring about this green-screened movie, shot entirely on location in a Montreal studio. But if you watch it with the RiffTrax commentary by Mike Nelson of MST3K fame, it's kind of entertaining.

Stardust - Decent enough fantasy from the imagination of Neil Gaiman, who also wrote "American Gods", which I really enjoyed. Robert De Niro does a turn as a flamboyant pirate, but Johnny Depp is better at it. Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer is in it as an evil witch desperate to recapture her youth. She's a WILF.

Into the Wild - Slightly fictionalized but entertaining account of a rebellious college graduate who get back to...something. Then he starves to death in the Alaskan wilderness. What a dumbass.

Superbad - I watched it with proper expectations (read: none) and wasn't disappointed. Silly teen vehicle, blessedly rated "R" with plenty of Clerks-style vulgar language. Seth Rogan as a ridiculous cop adds to the fun. He was recently announced as the lead in "Zach & Miri Make a Porno", and I can't imagine a better choice for Kevin Smith's next movie.

This is England - The writer-director's turbulent childhood, set in Margaret Thatcher's England during the Falklands War. Raw and touching at times, definitely worth a viewing. The skinhead guy reminds me of a young British Bruno Kirby.

Mini's First Time - Amusing little comic crime-thriller, with Alec Baldwin and a very sexy Nikki Reed, along with boozy mom Carrie-Anne Moss, makes this a fun flick. Jeff Goldblum is in it, too. I can totally see these people all living in the same Beverly Hills neighborhood. And killing each other.

Death at a Funeral - English farce. With stiffs. 'nuff said.

Evening - Zzzzzzzz...what on Earth possessed me to watch this boring-assed chick flick? I could have spent the time better by punching myself in the head with a waffle iron. More entertaining, too.

Movies I'm going to watch soon and might discuss here:

Rescue Dawn
Cherry Crush