Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch "Friends with Benefits" online

THIS IS THE BLOG POST THAT WAS TAKEN DOWN BY GOOGLE BECAUSE OF A COPYRIGHT VIOLATION CLAIM. After I appealed their action, Google decided that there is no reason for the post to have been removed, and they ruled that I can repost it. I'll do a detailed explanation some time soon. -------------------------------------------- Local Writer/Director Gorman Bechard has his latest film, "Friends with Benefits", online for free viewing.

I recently watched it and really enjoyed it. It's a smart, sexy, and very funny film that engages and entertains you. A great ensemble cast makes it a pleasure to watch.

Click below to go to the Fancast page where the film is available. Then, post a comment and share your thoughts here:


Sunday, November 04, 2012

The IMDB 250 Films in 2.5 minutes

Over 250 of the highest rated IMDB films set to an amazing mash-up soundtrack! This is made for serious film fans! See how seldom you can blink in 150 seconds!