Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teri Garr's IMDB listing

Apparently someone over in England has a bit of a problem with American actress Teri Garr, and he's gone through the trouble of creating his own version of her Internet Movie Data Base listing; complete with full screen credits and character names that I somehow missed over the years.

I'm sure the fact that I find this hysterically funny is a symptom of some deep seated psychological defect, but it make me laugh and that's all I care about. Besides, I'm too busy to spend the required time with a psychiatrist to fix it.

Click on Teri Garr's IMDB Listing to see it.

Then, after you've had a loff or two, visit the REAL listing for that unique American filmmaker, cinematographer, and all-purpose bon vivant slash ne'er-do-well, known informally as Your Humble Narrator.