Saturday, January 01, 2005

Gimme '5!

It's a brand-spankin'-New Year, and I'm barely suffering from a negligable hangover. Joyce and I spent New Year's eve in downtown Milford, partying up the First Night celebration. We met friends, shared a beverage or two at the 7-Seas, saw a couple of fun bands at the City Hall ("The Banditos" and "Dr. Ya-Ya's Gumbo Band"), and finished the evening with fireworks over the harbor. It was an unseasonably warm night, and even my dad and his girlfriend enjoyed themselves. Fun time. Had a nightcap at Archie Moore's, then we got home without problems by 12:45, and slept in this morning.

Today marks the completion of something I've been trying to accomplish for about 20 years. Each new year I try to avoid writing the wrong year on my checks (or anything). Usually I mess up in late January or February. One year I got into April before screwing the pooch. Well, at midnight last night I managed to get all the way through /04 without mistakenly writing /03 even ONCE!

Believe me, the last few weeks were nerve wracking! Yesterday I was wrapping up some pork chops in aluminum foil for the freezer. I always mark the date on the outside with a Sharpie. Well, as I was writing "Pork Chops 12/04" on the package, my mind was screaming "Oh-three...Oh-three! OH-THREE!!!". I was certain it would somehow write itself on the foil! Sweat broke out on my forehead! Would I somehow sabatoge this amazing streak I was so close to completing? NO! I had amazingly managed to write "12/04"! Victory is mine! I collapsed in exhaustion after I finished! As I lay panting on the kitchen floor, I realized that all was right in the universe and that peace, love and understanding would break out across the globe and all mankind would unite in celebration!

Okay, so I'm being a little silly. But it was a big thing to me. Didn't I tell you I was hungover today?

Now for some good news! Yesterday Anthony called and said he got his certification (at last!) from Soundview, so mine will be here probably on Monday. Yay! Now we can get this party started!!! We'll schedule another meeting for early next week. And I met a screenwriter/actress via email through (Hi Paula!) who's interested in helping us with our project. We're looking forward to meeting her and hearing her suggestions.

That's it for now. Happy "Cero-Cinco" folks!

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