Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm back from vacation!

Had a great week on the boat at Block I. I'm back now. Things are busy with work and stuff, but Ant and me are getting ready to crank things up soon. Stay tuned.

Oh, and I dropped my antique (seven years old!) digital camera overboard and it's lost forever; and until I buy a memory card for my new Panny camcorder, I won't have many unique pictures to post here.

Rest in peace, my beloved Casio QV-770...we'll all miss you!


Cherry Moon said...

Awww... peace the spork out to your old camera. :(

But nice new camera!! :)

CT Bob said...

Actually, I didn't DROP my camera overboard...I suspect it killed itself, because it was fed up with all those stupid pictures I was taking of myself on the boat!

Can't say that I blame it, really.

And just like when you're a kid and your puppy gets run over, then daddy comes home with a brand new puppy, I'm shopping for a replacement Casio digital. Except my puppy never got run over, but I imagined it would be a similar situation if I bought a new camera.

I guess it would be like getting a new puppy when your old puppy committed suicide. THAT, I'm assuming, would be similar.

Anyway, I don't really have anything else to post this week, so I wrote a comment instead of a post.

I wonder if anyone even reads this stuff. If you do, clap your hands!

Wait, that's silly. How 'bout you post something here that says "Yes, by gum, I absolutely DO read these dumb comments!" I don't know why that would help, but go ahead and do it, and I promise I'll post something funny next week.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear of your old Casio QV-770.
I found your page searching for one to replace my current aged and ill QV-770.
For me my 770's inpending demise is like losing a finger or something, I loved the panorama features and I didn't have to be so careful with it as I would have been with a very expensive camera.
Enjoy your new camera.
VaL in Texas