Friday, January 27, 2006

FutureDV.Com is open for business!

Well, in a manner of speaking...

You see, yesterday I registered the domain name "" with for a measly eleven bucks. What that got me was the domain name for a year, plus privacy (so when the NSA comes looking for me, they'll have to work an extra one-millionth of a second to track me down), and "domain redirection".

Redirection is when you just have a "parked" domain, which is a non-existant web page, and if someone goes to it, they are magically transported to a web site of your choice. Which, in this case, is right here.

Go ahead, try it. Type in "" and see where it'll get ya! Right Here, that's where! LOL!!! ROFL!!! WFT?!??!!!!!11!!!on3

Um, please ignore that silliness...

Oh, and today's my birthday. I know, BFD... Sorry there's no graphic in this post...apparently Blogger is having some trouble with the photo loading function. Nothin' but boring text for you today!


Gaz said...

Way past cool

Cherry Moon said...


Wow! I had no idea! Feliz Birthday to you, AND IT IS a big deal. Getting uhhh... wise-er is hot.

CT Bob said...

LOL thanks.

And I don't look forward to keeping on getting "wise-er". As far as I'm concerned, I'm a total wise-guy!