Friday, January 13, 2006

Things that suck

It's been a while since I posted a crazed rant, so here goes. Strap in, kiddies!

I drive a lot for work. It's usually no problem, and I drive all over Connecticut, SE New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Traffic usually moves well, except for one little road that goes through Fairfield County. And I'd like to know just one thing...

What the FUCK is the problem with the Merritt Parkway? Everbody hits Bridgeport and suddenly SLOWS DOWN TO 15MPH. Then they stop. Forever, it seems.

Yes, it sucks.

And it's January. That's usually enough reason to piss me off, but I made a New Year's resolution to try to not complain about the weather. Besides, it's been unusually mild this winter, so I'll shut up about that.

But in a couple weeks I have a birthday. Forty-fucking-SEVEN! Jeesus...who'da thunk I'd even LIVE this long? I went back and looked at my birthday blog post from last year, and I have to admit I'm somewhat grumpier this year...I think I'd better work on that.

Finally, I received the digital camera I ordered. From Walmart Online. Yeah, it came the same week that news of their rampant institutional racism hit the media. They decided it was a good idea to offer suggestions for "similar products" if you wanted to buy the DVD of the TV series "Planet of the Apes".

While a reasonable person might think it's good to associate movies like "King Kong", "Might Joe Young", even "Gorillas In The Mist" with "Planet..." But apparently they thought it was appropriate to associate it with a show about Martin Luther King, along with biographies of Dorothy Dandridge and Jack Johnson. For fuck's sake, what is WRONG with these idiots?

In the interest of fairness, Walmart executives insist the associations were completely accidental, and they apologized profusely for the "mistake". Yeah, sure.

I guess Walmart has seen the last of my bidness. That'll learn 'em!

Thank you. Good luck and good night.


Cherry Moon said...

Grumpy old man. (giggle) I'll be turning 31 in March. *cries* I don't want to ever be fourty fucking seven.

I've heard Fourty fucking anything is much worse than fourty fucking just seven.

Gaz said...

I think fuel is too cheep over their,i'll have a word with Tony Blair see if he'll tax the arse of you's and make petrol $2 a litre like ours......LOL....Have a look at my links,might chear you up a bit?

CT Bob said...

Yeah Cherry, but 47 just SOUNDS old...I don't feel old (except when my bones creak) but I'm starting to worry. You're 31, eh? Lucky, enjoy it while you can...before you know it, you'll wake up one morning and you'll find a birthday cake with too many candles in it to blow out in one breath! LOL

Gazza, petrol isn't as expensive now as it was right after Katrina, but we're getting there again. $2 a liter, eh? That's about eight bucks a At least you folks don't drive the gas-guzzlers that we have over here.

Gaz said...

What's goig on their Bob i thought a litre was euro frendly,i knew where i stood with gallons(30mpg)inche's as well(cm now)scarey?

Cherry Moon said...

Ahhh, 47 doesn't sound old! 57 sounds old. You have 10 years before you could start complaining!

I'm still young, though. *lol* Sooo kidding.

Jim said...

Most of those association things are done by computer. It's not some ingrained racism thing. By the way I'm sure loosing the business of one person who maybe buys $1,000 a year from them will really hurt them...LOL

CT Bob said...

Hi, Jim! I really love the Blogosphere...Jim posted a comment on my friend Jane Hamsher's blog, Firedoglake (see the links). I read it, and posted a comment on HIS blog. He read MY comment, and posted a comment HERE. Isn't that the coolest thing about the Internet? One place always leads to another...and even if we don't always agree with each other, we can discuss our opinions.

Jim, I'd be willing to give Walmart the benefit of a doubt, if their suggestions included even a SINGLE movie/show that didn't feature black culture. If the computer had generated completely random movies, why not something with a white person featured? Seems suspicious to me that they included nothing but black-related shows.

And yeah, my measly thousand bucks ain't gonna bankrupt 'em...but 10,000 people not spending a thousand bucks WILL hurt them. In any case, it helps me sleep comfortably in the knowledge that I'm not possibly supporting corporate racism.

But hey, it's just my opinion...I'm happy to hear yours, too.