Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've set a personal record...

...with the number of people who have seen this video that I created yesterday and loaded on Youtube.

Here in Connecticut, we're in the midst of a major political battle. Except all the battle is coming from ONE party. Yeah, that's politics for ya!

Anyway, I managed to corner two United States Senators like a pair of surly possums, and made them answer some questions. And I was helped greatly by Maura, a fellow concerned citizen and a woman who knows no fear.

So, here's Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) along with Maura and myself. Since I posted the video (about 32 hours ago), it's been seen over 32,000 times! Right now it's the ninth most viewed video of the day on Youtube.

Which kind of saddens me, because I'm worried I'll never again make a video that has such an impact.

But then again, there's no telling what a determined blogger with a video camera and a bad attitude can accomplish!

And to you Brits reading this out there: the BBC is producing a documentary about the Lamont campaign, and I'm gonna be a part of it. You'll get to see the master at work on your very own tellys! Enjoy!


ByronB said...

Cool! You enjoyed making that, didn't you?

Give us a date for the BBC show as soon as you know, won't you?

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it was interesting.

The BBC guys are here until Aug. 9th. After that, I'd guess it'll take at least a couple of months to go through all the footage they have.

But I'll stay in touch with them, because they've got a lot of tape of me embarrassing myself.

I'm looking forward to making an ass of myself on TWO continents!

Gaz said...

That wont make you a bad person, i like the attitude,stay in their lad,throw the shit into the fan.

CT Bob said...