Friday, February 08, 2013

Riding on the process trailer

When we filmed "Isn't It Delicious" a while back, we had quite a fun time with various cars on the process trailer.

Including this $200,000 Ferrari.

Notice in the background that my luxury ride is getting ready to act as the "chase car", so traffic doesn't follow too closely and mess up the shots.

Yes, the difference between the two vehicles may be difficult to see at first, but try to remember that the car on the trailer is more expensive than mine by a factor of 1,000! (edit: ummm, actually that's supposed to be 100)

Here's the video:


Tallabammahassee said...

Did you mean to say that your car is only worth $200? $200,000 divided by 1000 is just $200.

Still...your point is well taken. I grip, PA, pull cable...whatever. Believe me, when compared to my old bucket, YOUR car is the $200,000 Ferrari!

Great blog. Keep writing!

CT Bob said...

Ah crap, my math was off. By a factor of 10 in fact. So depending how you figure it, my car is worth either $2000 or $20. Some days I can't tell which!

It was a great project, well worth me giving up a month of prime sailing season to work on it. And we even had a couple days filming on boats, so I still got my boating fix in!