Monday, November 08, 2004

The Joy of Scriptwriting

Occasionally, and it's rare, there are times when I'm writing a script that the words just pour out of my mind and end up on the page. They flow like water tumbling through a raging river valley. Sometimes, yes, sometimes I can't keep up with the words forming in my brain when I'm typing. It's like my characters are just talking and I'm taking notes as fast as I can. There may be no more joyful a state of creating that an artist can experience.

When it's going good, there's nothing better in the world. It's great in fact.

Unfortunately, the reality of writing most of the time (for me, anyway) is that it's a torturous process, filled with agonizing rewrites, horrible self-doubt, and excruciating second-guessing. I've struggled for twenty minutes trying to find the absolute perfect word for a sentence...usually at the cost of three or four inelegant phrases that I could have better spent the time editing. Then I'll end up cutting the entire paragraph from the final draft 'cause it just doesn't "work".

But I'll keep at it, and continue to learn, and write and rewrite and re-rewrite, because once something is done right, and it DOES work, it's very satisfying. More than that, it's perfect!

So I'm going to write, and strive for that elusive perfection. Because, when it works, it's worth the effort.

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