Friday, November 19, 2004

Just when I thought....

....I'd get my certification, it turns out the entire network crashed at Soundview and they can't print it up until after this weekend at the earliest. Their IT guy is scheduled for SATURDAY! Who the hell makes a business wait until the weekend to fix their system? Maybe they should hire me to come in and get things working...I'm cheap (but not easy)!

So anyway, last night (Thurs.) I did some test shooting with the Panasonic to become more familiar with it, and I also practiced editing on the Casablanca, while Anthony Rodriguez (my classmate) was working on completing his PSA so he can be certified. I offered a couple suggestions for his edit, and it's looking like he'll be done soon. We're talking about working together on a project, and if we're both certified, we can borrow two camera kits for our shoot.

I'm thinking about what I want to do for the first project...I may put my glass working short on hold because it's not too exciting a subject and I'd rather do something more along the lines of a comidic or dramatic short first. When I'm in St. Louis for the week after Thanksgiving I'll have time to write at night...maybe I'll come up with something that'll be a good first subject.

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