Sunday, November 20, 2005

"The Fog of Editing"

Open project, insert clip, right click, edit, split clip, delete, click Play, right click, click edit, delete, click toolbox, click record voice-over, click Record, read text into microphone, click stop, click timeline, click Play, listen to voice-over, click Pause, click Toolbox, click Add CD Music, click track 2, click Add to movie, click Play, listen to music and voice-over, click pause, move cursor to beginning of clip, click Transitions, click on fade-in transition, click Album, click Insert Photo, click arrow to page through pictures, click and drag image into Timeline, double click photo, move cursor to right side and drag to right, click Transitions, drag transition onto Timeline, click Play, double click clip, move cursor onto timer, click down arrow 3 times to shorten clip by one tenth of a second, click Play to see how music syncs up with video, repeat with next clip, ad infinatum.

That took care of about ten seconds of finished video. I've been working on this thing for five hours today, and I've only got eight minutes done. I know that I'm still learning, but Jesus!

Fuck this shit, it's time for a beer!


Gaz said...

woe,hold that for a sec Bob,what in god's name is "BUD LIGHT" tell me more?is it suger free budweiser?

CT Bob said...

Uh, yeah, I guess it IS "sugar free budweiser", Gaz. We Americans have an obsession with paying the same amount of money for less beer; that's why "lite" beer is so popular here.

It doesn't help if you drink twice as many of them as any sane person though...I still weigh somewhere on the west side of 100 kilos.