Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I should probably review some movies or something...

I've been watching a lot of movies lately via Netflix. Some really obscure stuff, too.

For instance, lately I've been on a little Parker Posey kick. I have NO idea why, but I've been seeing a lot of her stupid movies. Recently I rented Henry Fool, the quirky 1997 Hal Hartley flick starring Posey, Thomas Jay Ryan and James Urbaniak ("Robert Crumb" in American Splendor).

After seeing that, I found out that Hartley made a sequel focusing on Posey's character, Fay Grim. So I watched that.

Then, to absolutely convince myself that she can just barely act her way out of a paper bag (but only if the paper bag is soaking wet, and has a small rip in the side...and if she has the director hollering instructions to her from just out of camera range on how to properly act her way out of the bag), I rented The OH in Ohio, the odd 2006 sex comedy.

OK, I'm convinced. Parker Posey is cute as a button, but she doesn't have a lot of range in her skill set. Which is fine, if you want to watch her basically emote her way through a movie but never really connect with her character.

And for these movies, that's pretty much alright.

But did they HAVE to do the exact same "vibrating beeper in the panties" gag in TWO movies she was in that were released in the same year? (see "Fay Grim" and "OH in Ohio")

Next up: Who would win in a bar fight? Rachel Weisz or Kate Winslet?


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of her,but she is a bit of a fox lol.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, no argument there.

Oh, and in the Weisz-Winselt fight, I'd pick Winslet; but I bet Cate Blanchett can kick both their asses.