Thursday, April 07, 2005

Full Tilt

This has been a busy week. We finished the auditions, and we're in the process of casting our movies. We're also ass deep in pre-production stuff. Like today, in addition to finishing my kitchen remodeling job, I worked on yet another rewrite (we're expanding one of the roles to take advantage of an actor's abilities); I went to a costume shop to make a purchase, only to find that I forgot my wallet; I spoke with Anthony about 3 or 4 times; and I browsed a store for parts to make a really cool camera dolly.

I'm totally in full tilt mode now.

By the way, "Full Tilt" is also the name of my sailboat. It's a thirty footer, a J/30, which we race and cruise here on Long Island Sound. The freezing weather has finally left us, so now I'm going to start getting the boat ready for launch, probably sometime in mid-May.

I named it Full Tilt because I wanted a name that sounds fast even when we're standing still. Full Tilt is the kind of name that denotes rapid movement.

So, full tilt is very much an apt phrase to express much of what is going on presently. It's what my life is doing right now. Making movies is a lot of fun...then again, so is sailing.

Maybe I'll make a movie about sailing next...

...but not like "Wind" (1992); that movie SUCKED!

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