Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thank you New England Film.Com

As I mentioned in the previous post, we finished casting our movie late last week. It was a real learning experience. Our casting sessions went a lot smoother than "Project Green Light's", so that's something. Of course, I wouldn't have taken half the crap that spineless director puts up with in "PGL"! C'mon Gulager, assert your AUTHORI-TAY! YAH! (cracks whip!)

Anyway, a lot of talented actors sent us headshots/resumes. It was tough to narrow it down to a reasonable amount for auditions, but we managed, and the actors who showed up did a great job. It was fun and interesting and exciting, and we thank all the actors who auditioned for the guys are awesome!

The schedule is to have production meetings next week; send pages to the actors; and coordinate witht the studio for our shoot. After Monday's meeting we'll have a better idea of the final two weeks of pre-production.

Props to New England Film dot Com; I placed a classified ad there on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised by the volume of responses. I didn't realize how many Connecticut-area actors read the ads there. Thanks to, we cast our movie.


Cherry Moon said...

Wow! Everything seems to be coming together!! How exciting this is!

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it's gettin' crazy! Fun for sure, but crazy!