Saturday, April 02, 2005

More casting; and Fark

We're just about done with casting. We had a great audition last night, and one more scheduled for Tuesday, and then Wednesday we'll make the final decision and notify the actors. Then we'll schedule the shoot.

Yesterday was April Fool's Day...I escaped the usual hijinks except for when I logged onto for my daily fix of nonsense and silly photos. Their main page looked like it had been hacked, and foolishly I clicked on things until their regular page showed up. Okay, fine, they got me, I thought...ha-ha.

So then, for reasons I can't fully explain, I felt compelled to click on a link for photos of Jaclyn Smith topless. Yeah, the "Charlie's Angels" Jaclyn Smith. I remember watching that show as a young teen and waiting for the scene where the girls would all be running and "jiggling".

Well, of course, each photo I clicked on displayed pictures of goofy looking guys, tuna melt sandwiches with a giant pickle, and ghastly women. At that point I couldn't stop clicking on the pictures, to see what would pop up next. People like Gary Della'batte from the Howard Stern show; Roger Ebert; Vanilla Ice; etc. You get the idea.

So, they got me again.

I figured the best thing to do would be for me to call it a day and wait until today to log back on the 'net. At that point, I turned off the computer and went to bed.

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