Saturday, April 16, 2005

Project Buzzcut

Today was a "Life Day". That's when I have to do things associated with real life, rather than my filmmaking hobby. Ya see, some people have managed to cage a career in filmmaking, and they get to do cool stuff like make movies 24/7. I'm sure they have real lives, too, but they're probably really cool real lives.

Others, such as yours truly, have to regularly deal with the usual mundane details; such as a house, a job, a wife, and a boat (by the way, that list is in reverse order of importance as long as my wife doesn't read it). So I started out today by shooting some hoops in the driveway for exercise, then I helped my wife with the carpet cleaner, then I worked on my boat for a while, then I came home and helped my wife clean the upholstery, and then we both gave me a haircut.

I haven't had a professional haircut in maybe three years. Not that I think I do a better job at it, it's just that during the warm months I prefer my hair short. Like, SHORT. So I bought a good electric clipper and started giving myself haircuts. Usually in the winter I only bother once or twice, and let my hair grow naturally. As you can see from the before picture, it grows thick and straight, which helps it look reasonably presentable between cuts. Joyce has to help because I can't see the back of my head in the mirror, that's why it's WE who give me the haircut.

Before today I don't think I had a haircut in four months. Yeah, probably January or so. But now it's time for the summer "rock". My hair will pretty much be this short until November.

I was kind of hoping I'd be able to deal with long hair again. I had a pony tail about six years ago, but then I got worried it would get ripped out by the winch on my sailboat so I got rid of it. Recently though, I was thinking I'd like to get a weird Hollywood hair style, maybe like a young David Lynch, or a less demented-looking Tim Burton.

But then I suddenly remembered that I'm not nearly as talented as either of them and realized that I'm being silly even considering it. So I fired up the clippers and left about 1/3" of hair covering my scalp.

Now at least I don't have to worry about combing it.


Cherry Moon said...

So you used a #2? LOL!!! Hey, I think bald or almost bald is kinda hot ;) My hubby hasn't had hair in YEARS!!

CT Bob said...

Actually, I think it was a #4; I use the Wahl "Peanut"...the hair might be closer to 5/8" long.

My wife loves rubbing my head...she says I feel like a Chia Pet. She also said that after the haircut we had enough hair left over to knit me a new head...I'm not sure how to respond to that statement.