Monday, May 09, 2005

We hit 1,000!


Of course, out of that 1,000 hits, if I could break it down, it'd look something like this:

Me (posting, and then seeing how it looks; compulsively): 319 hits
Cast and crew of current movie project (to see if I'm saying anything worth complaining to me about): 134 hits
Anthony (checking up on me, and collecting evidence for a future libel suit) 94 hits
Joyce (my wife, ditto on the checking up thing): 88 hits
Cherry Moon (fun blogger, and a really nice person who posts really nice things here): 48 hits
Jane Hamsher (author, extremely literate blogger, and Hollywood insider who's very encouraging about my filmmaking exploits): 33 hits
Misc. visitors who don't post, or single timers (c'mon people, even if I'm a frickin' loser, say so in the comments sections so I know people are at least slightly interested in my semi-incoherent ravings): 283 hits
Guy who called me a loser in the comments section: 1 hit

So, thanks folks! I'm gonna keep posting my nonsense, and I hope you keep reading it...hell, even if I'm not getting a million hits a week, I'm having fun. Hope you are, too!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bob!

1,000 hits! Wow! But I wanted to let you know that I actually hit your site about 200 times, maybe more.

Oh, and by the way, you'll be getting a call from my lawyer sometime tomorrow(just kidding dude.)

Hope you hit a million soon, pal!

Your co-producing fiend, I mean, friend,


Michael said...


Now there are two of us who called you a loser!

:-) XO

CT Bob said...

Two of you, Michael? How can I be sure that it wasn't YOU saying it TWICE, huh?

Cherry Moon said...

LOL!! Hey, I want my own counter, dammit. LMAO!! This was a funny entry. I love it.

Jane Hamsher said...

Whew! Glad to see I made the list.