Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just so you know... snow blower is fixed!

I can imagine how worried you all must have been, so here's a photo of it back in action.

Got it fixed just around the corner from my house, so I was able to walk it over there. Bruce did a bang-up job, too. If you're in the Milford (CT) area and need any snow or lawn equipment repaired, call B&B Power Equipment, at 203-874-6748.

Of course, we're probably not going to get any more snow this year now that it's working perfectly, but such is life.


Gaz said...

Makes me feel like getting one?and we had 1/2 an inch of snow last year!

CT Bob said...

Only 1/2 inch? Too'll never know the joy of lobbing a few tonnes of snow over the neighbor's fence. You should see the look on his face when he comes out and finds his car buried! Worth the cost of the machine just for that.

Anonymous said...

You wrote a nice comment to a post I wrote on FDL so I thought I would drop by and check out your website.

Very nice. Comfortable. I look forward to when we get to see your videos.

Lucky I'm in Seattle and don't need a snowblower. It makes me feel very blessed.

Gaz said...

It does sound good,i can see the attraction!

CT Bob said...

Hey Kawalo, I have an aunt that lives in Seattle. I was there back in 2000. I was told that the six straight days of perfect sunshine was nearly unheard of...

And the Underground Seattle tour was cool. We even had dinner on top of the Space Needle. (Boy, do I feel like a tourist!)

Cherry Moon said...

*giggles* You said "snow blower"... and your blower looks happy to see me.

Hey! It was close to 80 degrees here today in the god forsaken land of the sun.

We've have 120 plus days without a drop of rain.

CT Bob said...

80 degrees? Gee, you've got it tough!

Tonight the windchill is supposed to drop well below zero, which means in order for me to leave the house, it better be on fire. Even then, I'll take my time getting dressed (layers, you know).

Enjoy your lovely weather, and watch out for mudslides or earthquakes or swarms of killer bees, or whatever kind of divine retribution you certainly deserve for living in a place that has such warm temperatures in the middle of winter. :)