Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Learned a lot today

I'm so proud of myself...

Today I learned a bunch of stuff about video editing. Here's a list:

1) I can import .mov files (or almost ANY type of movie file) into DVD format using "DVD Santa" (thanks, Gazza!), then can upload it directly from the temporary directory to my Pinnacle video program, without having to burn a DVD first.

2) Learned how to split a clip, insert something else entirely, but keep the sound track of the original clip.

3) Inserted a video clip, and added old film-like effects and B&W movie look.

4) I can now make titles scroll from bottom to top of the screen.

Here's my video, entitled "Mr. Lamont Goes to Washington", with Ned Lamont being substituted for Jimmy Stewart's character in the original Frank Capra classic "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".


Gaz said...

Quality,DVD SANTA is one boss program,i thought it was Christmass when i could turn most formatt's onto DVD!

ByronB said...

Blogger has been very obstructive recently as though determined not to let me leave a comment.
Liked the film - I hope all the participants are dead otherwise they might sue your ass (I believe that's the correct term).

CT Bob said...

Blogger been fucking up bigtime lately; hopefully they've worked out their problems.

"Sue your ass" is correct. But read this:

They won't sue right away; if the owner of any copyrighted material thinks you're using it improperly on your stupid blog, they'll send you a "cease and desist" order, which says basically to stop what you're doing or we'll sue you.

If you stop, that's usually all there is to it. If they decide they want to be total assholes about it, they first have to assemble a case that can prove that what you did caused damage or loss of income. They they file papers in court to sue; it's very expensive for them and difficult to win if you're just a stupid little blogger with no money, like me.

There's little income left in a 50 year old movie trailer, which would make it even harder for them to win.

So fuck 'em! LOL

ByronB said...

In that case, I eagerly await the release of the full feature :)

Gaz said...

What do ye meen "with no money" ?that's the only reason we wanted to be your mate!(LOL)

ByronB said...

Here, you're right! You know what, I think he should make the title deeds of his yacht over to us for safekeepinjg, just in case they DO try to sue him!

Gaz said...

Sound's about rite to me!