Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another film being shot locally

My friend Maura posted this on My Left Nutmeg, a local political blog. This is another Hollywood movie being filmed here in Connecticut. We're becoming the Vancouver of New England! I thought it would be good to repost here. Forgive the sloppy formatting; I'm too lazy to fix it. Enjoy!

(PS: To see lots more of Kate Winslet, rent "Little Children". Yowsa!)
I mentioned in a comment thread a while ago that the new Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio film, Revolutionary Road, was going to be filming on my street last week.

Well, the shoot got cancelled last Thursday, but the crew is back today -- and they decided to prominently feature my house and my next door-neighbor's house!

The production crew arrived at 6 this morning and rang our doorbell at 6:40, asking us to move our cars out of the driveway.  They replaced them with these:

Prop trucks in my driveway

It's really exciting -- the production crew are focusing on our house and our next door neighbor's, so we've gotten our tree pruned, fake blooms put on our rhododendrons, and hanging laundry in our side yard. 

I'll put up more photos later this morning as filming commences, and I've posted a few below the jump.  (Click all to enlarge.)

Maura :: Starring my street: Hollywood meets Stamford's East Side

Production crew in my driveway

Production crew hanging out in my driveway

Prop trucks in my driveway

Vintage trucks in my driveway.  (That's my sister-in-law on our front steps.

Prop garbage pail, repainted fire hydrant

They repainted our fire hydrant from yellow to black and silver, and they sprinkled the street with vintage metal garbage cans.

Vintage cars on my street

The street is lined with vintage cars.

My nephew Sean explores the prop truck

My nephew Sean explores the truck in our driveway.

The landscaping crew discusses pruningĀ  my tree

The landscaping crew discusses how best to prune our tree.

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars across my street.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid if they knocked at my house at six am they would have been speaking to angry Gaz who's just had two hours sleep lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for details and photos about " Revolutionary Road"

Please heep us informed about if you can , of course!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for details and photos about " Revolutionary Road"

Please keep us informed about if you can , of course!

Anonymous said...

So if we see a figure standing in the front window of the house with a large sign saying "Hello Mom" we'll know who it is !!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your pics from Revolutionary Road. Did you take any of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? will you be posting more of these type of pics? The picture quality are great btw. Thanks!

CT Bob said...

Gazza, if they do wake you up at 6AM, I hope they have a camera so they can shoot "Angry Gaz". Sounds like a mythical beast or something.

Rose & April, I don't have any more info right now. The post and pictures were done by a friend who lives about 25 miles away where they're shooting the scene. If she posts anything else, I'll try to repost it here.

Byron, see above. A sign in front of my house probably won't be visible this far away (unless they have a really cool telephoto lens or something).