Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Indiana Jones IV casting call

Here's a photo from the casting call on Monday in New Haven. This guy is a bit silly, if you ask me. They already casted the part of "Indiana Jones", so why would he dress like Harrison Ford in the movie? Something tells me he ain't gonna get picked for anything.

From The New Haven Register:
-NEW HAVEN — They came from all over, young and old, big and little, in seersucker suits and tank tops, with tattoos, fedoras and hope.

People were so excited to be extras in the fourth "Indiana Jones" movie that when casting director Billy Dowd drove into the city Sunday evening and saw people already camping out on Crown Street, he knew he couldn't wait till 1 p.m. Monday to open his casting call. (more available from link above)
So, it turns out that Sean Connery won't be in the movie after all. But there's still Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett, and the prospect of being cast as an extra in the movie which will shoot a motorcycle chase on the old Yale University campus.


Anonymous said...

I would have had to snatch his hat and run away to see if i got an Indiana Jones like chase lol,i hear theirs a new die hard movie due out as well as another rambo.....?

CT Bob said...

And while he was chasing you, I'd steal his chair!

Anonymous said...

I love the logic thinking lol