Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Day Before the Day Before

That's going to be the title of the blockbuster adventure feature that I'm going to make someday. I wonder if Bruce Willis will be busy in three or four years.

Re: The shoot. We're almost there! Final prep is underway. We've got Michael, James and Paulina lined up to act. We've got the same Paulina, Chad, and Chad (yes, TWO Chads!) lined up for crew. And we've got Ant and me to direct, produce, bicker, bitch, and argue. We're just about ready.

Today, besides work, I've been busy outfitting "Production Van 2000". That's what I call my rattle wagon '94 Chevy van. It cost me $2500 two years ago; last year a car full of Asians slammed into it on I-95. The back door and bumper were crumpled, but no overwhelming damage. The Asian's insurance company gave me a check for about $2700, so other than having to slam the back door to get it to close, it's good. And paid for. Except for the $888 it cost to fix an ignition problem last week. But it works fine. Now. And it holds a lot of junk; like ladders, tables, lights, supplies, coolers, tools, chairs, actors, crew, and me.

I'm kind of beat tonight, and Blogspot was undergoing maintenance and wouldn't let me post until now. So, not much of interest here...I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow I'm expecting the "pre-shoot jitters" to take hold, but tonight, I'm too drowsy to care.

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