Thursday, April 14, 2005

Project Dunkin' Donuts

I've been watching Project Green Light on Bravo for the last month or so, and much like wayward director John Gulager, we're also just about ready to shoot our movie.

So, last night we had another production meeting. Anthony, myself, and Paulina (the actress/screenwriter who wants to run a camera for us during the shoot) got to the studio promptly at 6:30, and found that they were shutting down for the night.

Normally every night they have some people taping a show or editing in one of the suites so there's staff there and we can just use the green room, but last night they didn't have anybody scheduled. When that happens, the staff goes home. The only person there was the training supervisor, and she was waiting for us to show up to loan us a camera (which we intended to use that night to do some test shooting); when we got there we had to leave within five minutes.

We learned then that we could reserve the "green room" for auditions and rehearsals. But of course, we didn't know that. We may have heard that before but forgot it.

Because, you know, we're idiots.

So now I'm in a really great mood.

We shuffled distractedly over to the nearby downtown Bridgeport "Dunkin Donuts". Over coffee we discussed issues like production audio, camera techniques, and why we're so stupid that we didn't reserve studio time like we should have!

We also scheduled a rehearsal for early next week, and our final rewrites are just about done.

Ya gotta love Bridgeport...the bums don't just panhandle on the street, they come right into Dunkin Donuts, beg for money, and then bitch about how much you give them.

I'm sorry, did I say "bums"? That's not politically correct.

I meant to say "economically disadvantaged annoying assholes". That's much more P.C.

Yep, they call me Mr. Compassion.


Jane Hamsher said...

Good luck, Bob! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

CT Bob said...

Thanks Jane! We're having a hell of a time trying to schedule the rehearsal, but we're definitely moving forward with it. The shoot is going to be a week from this Saturday, one way or another!