Monday, May 16, 2005

Surviving the Shoot

We have another shoot date. Hopefully we'll wrap this mutha' up! One week from today, May 23rd.

I'm going to try to get to the studio a little early, since James said he's available all day. If I can get everything set up and get some shots done that only feature James, we'll be ahead of schedule when Ant and Michael get there.

"Survivor" finished up last night; did you see it?...the NYFD guy Tom outwitted, outlasted, and out-SCHMARTED his fellow players for the million bucks. I hope he's aware that the IRS is keeping tabs on these shows, and the days of getting a million dollars and NOT paying any taxes are long gone. That is, if they ever WERE here in the first place. Which I doubt. Or if they were here, I missed them. Because I've been paying taxes regularly, just like all the rest of you shnooks.

Did I mention that our own Michael was a finalist for this season's "Survivor"? He made it all the way down to the final cut before being passed over in favor of some dull, boring, whiney people. That's their loss, 'cause Michael's a bright, funny, entertaining guy. He'd make a great "Survivor"...that is, if he SURVIVES THIS SHOOT!

Which he might not, if I keep letting Anthony slam him around like he's been doing. No more stunts or pratfalls until we've got all the other shots done, OK pal? Then go right ahead and get brain damage for all I care!

Hey, now THERE'S a concept..."Special Survivor"! We'll follow the antics of a group of handi-capable young 'tards as they're cast loose in the wilds, only to perish as they fail to properly feed and care for themselves. Coming this fall on CBS.

Oh boy, give me one ticket please, First HELL!


Michael said...

Hey I used to work with specials.
"Those tards are the best thing I got going"

CT Bob said...

Well, I knew I'd piss people off with that little aberration. Anyone else want to chime in?



OK, if nobody else wants to comment, then my NEXT post is going to feature my ideas for "Schindler's List: The Musical!"

With the joyous chorus singing, "I'm Essential To Zee War Effort".

Cherry Moon said...

For some strange reason, I could never get into this show. I've only watched minutes of a few episode.

That's probably because I'm a freak and can't sit still for 30 se.........

What was I saying?

CT Bob said...

LOL...yeah, I'm working on my ADD also.

Strangely enough, I'm working to enhance it. Short attention spans rule!