Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back to the Studio

Next Monday I've scheduled some studio time for my friend Lori Fogler. She's the creator of "Grandma's Kitchen" in addition to being a singer and pianist. She wants me to shoot some video of her performing in front of the green screen, with the intent of illustrating her songs with images/videos behind her.

Anthony's gonna work with us on this, and we're thinking of setting up a two-camera shoot. We still need to work out how we're supposed to mic the whole setup, but Lori is working on some suggestions I had, and hopefully by Monday she'll have it figured out.

It's been a while since I've done anything in the studio. I'm looking forward to it.


ByronB said...

Has the green screen completely replaced the blue screen, or are they interchangeable?

CT Bob said...

They're interchangable. You can key on any color you want, but of course you don't want the people in front of the screen to wear the same color or it'll be invisible.

I'm not sure of the technical reason for green being so popular over blue, except that green is probably a bit easier to key.

Once I did a test shoot outside on a sunny day. I angled the camera up toward a building, then keyed on the blue sky and inserted a video of me looking down from above the building, so it looked like I was a giant. It was cool.