Friday, March 03, 2006

Cold plus precipitation equals...

...more snow.

Not as much as last time, but enough to run my snow blower. It works great! Look at how it plastered the snow on my neighbor's fence...

For some reason, the snow plow drivers go like bastards when they pass my house. EVERY time I shovel the walk, they go flying be and bury the sidewalk again.

So I cleaned it for the third time just now. Even though the streets are clean, it's a foregone conclusion they'll drive by one more time, just to bust balls.


UPDATE: Funny how the snow goes away when the sun hits it. The photos below are about 5 hours later; the sidewalk is clean, and the snow melted off the neighbor's fence. The driveway is on the north side of the house, so it didn't get as much sun; hence the thin layer of stubborn snow.

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Gaz said...

Hey Bob next time you get the snowblower out get a video of it working,upload it onto ( copy and paste it onto your blog.p.s i've downloaded an episode of Arrested Development,i'll watch it tommorrow and let u know what i think!