Monday, April 17, 2006

"An Amusing Rage"

Found a neat website while reading Fire Dog Lake recently, that automatically makes anagrams of any words you enter. An anagram is, of course, a re-arrangement of the letters of a word or words to create new word(s).

You go to this website, enter your name or whatever you want anagrammitized ( that a word?) and see what pops up.

I entered "Robert Adams", and was awarded with 'Drab maestro'. Hmmm...I guess I'll just forget composing music for the rest of my life. Actually, it's vaguely depressing in a way to find your name spells out something that can seem a little significant. Like reading your horoscope and finding out you're a lousy musician or something.

Even creepier is some of the anagrams generated when I entered the names of some of my friends. Like, weird creepy. Even weirder than "Drab maestro". But I'm not going to post them here.

Try famous people. Here's some examples:

George W. Bush = "He Grew Bogus"
Donald Rumsfeld = "Muddler of lands"
Joe Lieberman = "I Am Noble, Jeer!"
Albert Einstein = "Ten Elite Brains"

Is that cool or what? Go to Anagram Genius to try it out.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title of this post? It's an anagram of "Anagram Genius", of course.

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CMB said...

Nice find! Reassuring to find out that my name can be anagrammed into:

Right! Romantic rambo